These 4 Home Improvement Projects Will Sell Your Home Faster

These 4 Home Improvement Projects Will Sell Your Home Faster Few things hurt a home’s value like languishing on the market for months on end. The longer your home sits on the market, the lower offers you’ll get when it finally sells. But other than setting the right asking price, what can sellers do to […]

Painting concrete basement walls.

Tired of ugly looking concrete basement walls and floor?   Here are some do it yourself tips on how to clean up your basement, moisture proof and paint the walls and floor, make your basement look more then just a place where things get lost.  Don’t worry if you do not want to finish your […]

The Best of Basement Kitchens

Are you thinking about adding or remodeling your basement kitchen? Whether it’s a DIY project or you contract the work out, you will want to be sure that you get exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. There are plenty of ways to get the best without having to cut corners. After all, this is the […]

Best Basement Playroom Ideas

When we start having children, the dynamics of available space in the home change. When they are babies, you have to make space for high chairs, bouncy seats, swings, and more and before you know it, there is no space left in your main living area. This phase doesn’t last long, but as the children […]

Choosing Smart Basement Flooring

Good flooring is very important when it comes to constructing any building. It is what brings out any room’s sense of beauty and design, and defines its purpose. This can be observed in different kinds of floor designs used in offices, homes and schools. However, the choice becomes complicated when the basement flooring is in […]

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