These 4 Home Improvement Projects Will Sell Your Home Faster

These 4 Home Improvement Projects Will Sell Your Home Faster Few things hurt a home’s value like languishing on the market for months on end. The longer your home sits on the market, the lower offers you’ll get when it finally sells. But other than setting the right asking price, what can sellers do to […]

Painting concrete basement walls.

Tired of ugly looking concrete basement walls and floor?   Here are some do it yourself tips on how to clean up your basement, moisture proof and paint the walls and floor, make your basement look more then just a place where things get lost.  Don’t worry if you do not want to finish your […]

The smart way to save money, on basement remodeling.

If you are on a budget but need to have your basement refinished for you newborn kid or teenager that sometimes can act as newborn… or your in-laws are moving in, or you are in desperate need of a man cave, or an art studio, or home office… DO NOT SHOP FOR CHEAP LABOR in […]

Light Paint Colors in a Dark Basement

Basement walls might not be taken as seriously as other parts of your home décor. People might pay attention the furnishings and the fixtures. They fail to realize that walls are the most dominant feature of any room. Whether you paint them or add wallpaper it’s a good idea to be careful and pick a […]

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