If you are on a budget but need to have your basement refinished for you newborn kid or teenager that sometimes can act as newborn… or your in-laws are moving in, or you are in desperate need of a man cave, or an art studio, or home office… DO NOT SHOP FOR CHEAP LABOR in hope to save money!

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We had numerous clients that need their basement finished but they ware on a strict budget and would not want to finance the job and take more debt.

There’s noting wrong with being on a strict budget especially when it comes to remodeling projects, you still can get the project done within the budget. It also doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality or even not going through with the project at all because of the fear of going over budget.

There’s a more nontraditional solution to this issue that many companies and homeowners overlook, when your first instinct would be to go for the cheapest contractor or job bid, Don’t Do IT! This could open


up a whole new can of worms and guaranteed headache… FYI cheap labor and saving on materials, will hurt you in the future, and will cost double to fix. The best option is to ask the company to itemize the job bid in individual parts… Basement Finish Pros LLC does that with all their estimates, for example, the estimate will be broken down in individual lines like; framing, taping, flooring installation, painting, etc. Each line will show the amount of square foot or linear foot and the installation cost, same goes for the materials estimate, which is broken down separately. Having the estimates broken down like this allows you to see each part individually and how much it will cost.

Here’s the nontraditional approach on smart saving and not compromising the quality of the most important aspects of the remodeling… You get what you pay for, so instead of settling for cheap labor, consider getting more involved in the remodeling, painting is not that hard, you can do that, hanging a light fixture will take you about 20 min and a couple YouTube tutorials, but save you money, same with hooking up the TV or washer and dryer… I think you get the idea, you get to save money by decorating and “remodeling” your own basement, how cool is that?

Again, if you are on a budget but need to have your basement refinished, or any type of remodeling work, DO NOT SHOP FOR CHEAP LABOR! Instead find a company that is willing to work with you, not for you; best part is you will get to actually learn some of the tricks and even save more in the future!

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