Hartford, CT

Hartford, CT: Rich history, capital city vibes, insurance hub, cultural landmarks, and evolving urban renaissance.

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Let The Pros Give You Your Dream Basement!

Basement Finish Pros has seen a lot of basements, and we know most of the time, the space underneath your feet isn’t being used to the fullest. Too often, people’s basements become storage spaces, collecting odds and ends over time and essentially ending up as wasted space. That’s where we come in. Basement Finish Pros is your premier basement finishing contractors near Hartford, CT, allowing you to finally achieve the basement you’ve always dreamed of with a variety of services, such as basement remodeling, that will give you a luxury basement where you can kick back and relax in your home’s most comfortable spot.

Protecting Your Home

Of course, no basement renovations in Hartford, CT, would be complete without services, such as waterproofing to protect basements from encroaching water damage, which can cause severe damage to the lower levels of homes over time. We can provide complete waterproofing with sealers to keep them fully protected and ensure no damage occurs to your home, keeping problems, such as harmful mold and mildew, away.

Quality Materials

When customers work with us for basement finishing in Hartford, CT, they can rest assured they are receiving only the best quality materials possible for their new basement. These materials include unique mold proof, waterproof and fire rated building materials designed to last decades. Our insulation system is also top-notch and conserves a high amount of heat. If you’re ready to build the basement of your dreams, give us a call.

Carefully Planning & Building

If you’re looking for the best, you’ll find it at Basement Finish Pros. Our goal is your complete satisfaction and our 3D models offer just a glimpse into how wonderful your project is going to look when it is all finished.


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