Bloomfield, CT

Bloomfield, CT, boasts scenic landscapes, historic charm, and a thriving community perfect for families.

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Make Your Basement a Great Place To Live

Have you been dreaming of doing something different with your basement? Many people have a lot of ideas about what they’d like to do with that unused space but just don’t know how to take those ideas and turn them into a reality. That’s where we at Basement Finish Pros come in. We can help you take those ideas and create the basement of your dreams, whatever those dreams may happen to be. When you need basement finishing in Bloomfield, CT, come to us and we can help with every detail of the project, whether you’re looking to create a basement bedroom, a home theater or something else altogether.

Quality Service

At Basement Finish Pros, we pride ourselves on being the premier basement finishing contractors in Bloomfield, CT, for customers seeking renovations to their basement spaces. We have helped countless individuals build incredible basement spaces in their homes, and we always provide exceptional service, taking care of every aspect of the work, from the design through to the plumbing, heating and electrical, which guarantees every detail is taken care of with the same exceptional care.

Quality Materials

At Basement Finish Pros, we use only the best quality materials possible in our basement renovations to ensure our customers’ basements are fireproof, waterproof and mold resistant. That way, once a basement is finished, you will feel safe and secure in knowing you can spend many years living in your basement without any problems. If you’re looking for basement remodeling in Bloomfield, CT, trust in us to give you the best service possible.

Carefully Planning & Building

If you’re looking for the best, you’ll find it at Basement Finish Pros. Our goal is your complete satisfaction and our 3D models offer just a glimpse into how wonderful your project is going to look when it is all finished.

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