You Can Get More For Your Money If You Know What You Are Paying For…

It’s like this, “Measure twice and cut once”. The Itemized Quote is there to make sure you don’t pay more for work that you thought was already included.

How can an Itemized Quote help me?

Itemized Quotes guarantee transparency between you and the contractor, or the company. It will also allow you to choose the materials you want and include them in the quote, so that the contractor can’t cut corners or use cheaper products then what you are paying for. It’s also a great tool to save money. Let’s say you can do the painting yourself… Cross that charge off and just like that you saved yourself a good chunk of money. Which is almost impossible to do with a rounded up quote. So get an Itemized Quote.

Why doesn’t every contractor/company provide itemized quotes?

Well, simply because it takes hours to create a custom itemized quote. And most of the sales representatives would prefer to give you a round price and “sell you” on the spot by promising big discounts. But “only if you sign now” Don’t fall for that good old sales trick!

Why we offer Only itemized quotes…

Because we want transparency between you and the contractor. Same as you, we do not want any “I thought I’m getting this… but you installed this instead…” issues. We have a great record of saving you money while delivering high quality finished work. And we want to keep it that way. Being vague about the work scope only complicates things and makes your remodeling experience worse than it should be. As the proverb goes, “Measure twice and cut once” the Itemized Quote is designed to make sure you will not have to pay more for work that you thought was already included in the estimate.


The in-home consultation with Itemized Quote is $85.00 And is Refundable if you hire our team to do the work.

To get a professional Itemized Quote, fill out the form bellow.

Itemized Quote

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  • Basement Finish Pros LLC

    Basement Finish Pros LLC
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    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Batya Cohen
    Batya Cohen

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 9 months ago

    We could not have asked for a better and professional team. Alex and his team were easy to work with, flexible, and extremely professional. Our basement was an old dungeon and they were able to turn it into a beautiful living space. Communication was reliable and quick. Alex adjusted to unpredicted challenges and made sure everything was done to our fullest satisfaction. We have done extensive work on our house in the last few years, and this is by far the best team we have worked with. Alex, his father and the entire team were very nice, pleasant and easy to work with. On top of it, their craftsmanship is excellent. If you are looking for a good and reliable team, they are it. The before and after pictures should speak for themselves. Thank you Alex, Stefan, Dorian and Victor for the hard work.

    S Sarilda
    S Sarilda

    4 out of 5 stars

    posted 1 month ago

    Our basement office was flooded last year when our sump pump failed. Alex from Basement Finish Pros consulted with us to remodel our office space and downstairs bathroom. His estimate was very detailed, and he was very accommodating to our budget. There were no surprises, and he kept us up to date on the next steps throughout the project. We are very pleased with the results, and I would recommend them.

    Lee Lee Foreman
    Lee Lee Foreman

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 5 months ago

    I found Basement Finish Pros by accident but I am so pleased I did. General contractor Alex Pascal promised me quality workmanship at the budget I could afford and that is exactly what he provided. Alex and his crew are talented, gifted professionals. They took their work seriously while being dedicated and committed and you see that in their work. Every crew member is joyful, knowledgeable and showed great care for my family's comfort and enjoyment. They provided punctual, clean, almost silent daily service effortlessly, no complications at all! The price I was quoted is the price I paid, but I feel like they gave me so much more. Basement Finish Pros takes pride in the services they provide, it was refreshing and comforting feeling I was in such capable hands. I can hardly wait for them to start on my next renovation. Job well done Basement Finish Pros. I wish more companies provided such integrity.