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The keyword for Windsor Locks, Connecticut homeowners is “home value”. Whether you’re upgrading your home with an eye to selling or simply for your own enjoyment, the value of your home will be affected. One of the first things homeowners consider is a basement renovation. Usable space adds value to a house. Potential buyers seek larger houses when they’ve maxed out the space in their present home. They look for basement finishing, because it adds a bedroom, defined storage space, or a small apartment in which to place all their belongings. How does a finished basement add value to a home? 1. Adding Bedrooms Children need room to grow. When the oldest outgrows his/her bedroom, a basement bedroom or two is the logical space for him/her. If the in-laws come to visit (or stay,) putting them in the basement bedrooms gives them a bit of privacy without the kids and pets crawling all over them. You can rent them out, too, to help pay the mortgage. 2. Adding A Bathroom With two parents getting ready for work and the kids getting ready for school, it can quickly become overwhelming if a house only has one full and one-half bath. Adding a bathroom with a basement finish gives everyone some elbow room, and it speeds up getting ready every day. 3. Adding Recreation Space Let’s say you have enough bedrooms and bathrooms. However, you have no room to put the pool table, the home entertainment system, or the table for playing games. Having guests over to play games or catch the latest Fast and Furious movie would be much better with space in which to do these things. This is the perfect time for basement remodeling. 4. What Basement Contractors Will Tell You Windsor Locks, Connecticut contractors will tell you about permits and zoning. This involves entrances and egress methods so inhabitants can get in and out in case of emergencies. They’ll tell you about moisture and methods to control it. They’ll explain building materials. Last, but not least, they’ll explain costs. Every contractor gives homeowners quotes and estimates of the cost to finish basement. With this estimate, homeowners can then begin planning their extra space. If it’s to be a rental space, though, you’ll need to know about parking arrangements for renters. The contractor can explain other legal matters to you, so you can plan better.

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