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Basement Refinishing- Is It a Project for you? Imagine a nice evening with your family in your living room. Mom is reading on the couch. Dad is watching a baseball game. The son is playing video games and the daughter is texting on her phone with her friends. Now imagine the noise, the chaos and the lack of privacy for everybody in the family. What can be done to make this evening one of greater comfort, more room and a better experience for everyone? For your family, the answer might be having your basement finished by Basement Refinishing Pros, an experienced company serving East Granby, Connecticut. This family owned business has expertise in all aspects of basement remodeling and basement renovation. In fact, you can get all your basement finishing needs in one place with our company. On your behalf, we will take care of all those important details such as dealing with the 3-5 basement contractors usually involved in a finishing project. In addition, we will take care of the very time consuming aspects of the project, like the building permit application and the inspection requests. As you may know from any experience in the past with renovations or remodeling, there are so many different aspects of your project that without the kind of expertise that we have, you can easily spend hours and hours with plumbers, electricians, framers and other contractors. We do that all for you. You will feel so comfortable leaving your project to us that you will wonder why you did not think of doing this years before. So now you have almost decided that you and your family will go ahead with finishing your basement. Is there anything else that you need to know that will help you finalize your final decision? Yes, there is. When your basement project is complete, your home will be transformed by the new and additional space your family will have. You might gain that extra guest room and bathroom that you have always meant to add. You can have a room for the kids and their friends to use as a hang out and then be “that house” where everyone wants to be. You can even use it for some of the activities you have always wanted to do at home, like a home theatre, a crafts room or an exercise room (and avoid those expensive gym fees). According to reliable sources, finishing your basement adds value to your home. The latest numbers say that your home will increase in value by 70-79%! Right now you can hear yourself say, “So what do I do next?” That’s an easy question to answer. Simply call us at 800-926-2157, email us at or for an even easier way, visit the website at and use our convenient form to request a quote and find out the cost to finish your basement project.

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